About me and Comix / Ruth Johansson


Ruth Johansson (born in 1967, Helsinki) is an artist working in Tampere, Finland. She studied comics at the University of Art and Design in 2009 - 2010, Helsinki. Johansson's early  production consists of expressive paintings, but later the main focus of her art has focused on comic art, as well as naive, expression.

She lived in the United States as a child for four years and during that time, she watched a lot of cartoons and adventure movies on television.

Moko and Congo are cartoon characters created by the artist Ruth Johansson. The monkey and the gorilla are on a desert island in New Guinea in the 1930s. Comix paintings have been influenced by childhood adventure films and books, as well as the phenomena of our time that the artist has wanted to express through the means of traditional pop comics.

Artist`s statement / Ruth Johansson:

Kick ass, Sticky Jelly Bomb, Splash, Boom, Pow, Ha-Ha!